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A Summer Highlight: Rhubarb and Strawberry Syrup!

Feel like a refreshment? I’ve got an invigorating summer recipe for you. You can mix it with either sparkling or still water, use it as a cocktail base with gin or vodka or make a prosecco aperitif with it – ideal for summer parties and BBQs!

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Green Smoothie with Basil Seeds

What’s hot, what’s new? Last week I talked to the Marketing Natives about my 10 personal commandments of success. One of them is “be up to date on what’s hot and what’s new”. And what’s hot at the moment are basil seeds which belong to the superfood family and are cousins of the ubiquitous chia seeds. In order to read up on the the latest food trends, we usually have to peer across the Atlantic to the US, but when it comes to this particular healthy and versatile food, we don’t have to look far: there is a delicious basil seed superfood drink on the market in Austria already. It’s called „FRIYA“ and is a real eye catcher with its red colour and floating black basil seeds.


Ginger and Lemon Drink with Basil Seeds

A few weeks ago, I told you about those great basil seeds I found. I’ve been reading up on them a little bit since then and have also made an amazing discovery – the FRIYA drink with basil seeds. The creators of this crazy but yummy drink are Stephan and Vincenz and their little start-up. Thanks to these guys, this superfood is now available in Austria – namely as a drink called Friya. Looks eccentric, tastes amazing and serves as a very satisfying in-between snack. One of the basil seed’s useful properties is the feeling of satiety they give. Cue – fewer cravings and smaller food intake. Hier you can learn a little more about these magical seeds.

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Vegan Strawberry and Coconut Milkshake

A quickie recipe for the summer, for in-between or for when you’ve got kids in the house: the strawberry milkshake. Here is my version of this classic drink – a vegan strawberry and coconut milkshake.  Of course the old traditional recipe with milk is just as delicious, for those of you who are not vegan or lactose-intolerant.


Creamy Iced Coffee with Carrot Juice

What do iced coffee and carrot juice have in common? I sat at the doctor’s office not too long ago and his assistant told me about Persian iced coffee, which, surprisingly, isn’t made with coffee at all, but instead with fresh carrot juice. Of course that made me perk up immediately. For this Persian drink, you need Bastani akbar mashti, a homemade saffron rice. I’ll let you in on the original recipe (without coffee) below. Also featured: my very own version with a shot of espresso.

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6 Months of Foodtastic: Win a Kenwood Jug Blender

Wow, time flies! Foodtastic, my very own blog, is over 6 months old! Happy Birthday! I really wanted to write this post and feature the sweepstakes on the 5th of June, the very day of my half-year anniversary. Unfortunately, I had to postpone it all due to a cookbook shoot and a calendar that was full to bursting. But now I’m making it all up to you with a beautiful, yellow Kenwood jug blender Standmixer von Kenwood! I’ve got this one at home myself, and I absolutely love it! I use it to mix my own smoothies daily, they’re my so-called „awesome day starters“…

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Cider: A Message of Love

A little bird told me… no, really. No one actually told me about this amazing new cult drink, I spread my wings and discovered it myself. This might sound like paid advertisement, but I promise you, it’s not. I’m just completely in love with cider in general and with the Styrian brand Goldkehlchen in particular. It was high time for cider to get a bit of exposure over here. I used to drink it whenever I was in Scandinavia, France but also Australia – and now I’m enjoying it on my balcony after hours. But it’s also finally readily available at many bars and restaurants around Vienna.

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