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Super Bowls Cooking Class

In a cooperation with WIENERIN magazine, I had the privilege of introducing recipes from one of my cookbooks again this year, this time from my second one, “Super Bowls”. 20 hobby chefs were welcomed to attend the Siemens cookingClass at the Stilarena.

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#haubenjagd and Trout Ceviche

Last week, I teamed up with top chef Lukas Olbrich and together, we cooked 2 dishes for the Dinner & Casino menu, which will be available from tomorrow up to and including the 6th of September at Cuisino Wien Kärntnerstraße, Vienna. This cooperation with Cuisino Wien has the hashtag #haubenjagd.


Journey to the Hohe Tauern National Park

During the absolutely idyllic train journey from Zell am See to Hollersbach, looking out at lush, green pastures and mountains, we saw the occasional ominous looking cloud. When we arrived at Andrea and Martin Rieder’s stunning organic farm however, the clouds were nowhere to be seen.

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Cooking with Pure Ingredients

Supplements – yes or no? This divides people not unlike coriander. Either you love them or you hate them. There are people who are absolute proponents of supplements and people who are entirely against them. Me? I’m definitely for them, but only if the quality is up to scratch and they are made from pure ingredients only.


Besuch im Seewinkel: Alles über die Zucchiniblüte

In der Früh schüttete es noch aus Kübeln, aber der Wetterbericht kündigte bereits blauen Himmel und Sonne für den Nachmittag im südlichen Seewinkel an, genauer genommen im burgenländischen Wallern beim Bio-Bauernhof von Heidi und Anton Peck. Nicht umsonst wird dieser Ort als die sonnenreichste Region Österreichs bezeichnet. Hier fand vergangen Samstag eine Veranstaltung der besonderen Art statt. Beim Ja!Natürlich Format „Aus Bauernhand“, bei dem es um das Bewusstsein für Bio-regionale Lebensmittel geht, stand bei der Familie Peck das Thema Bio-Zucchini-Blüte im Vordergrund.

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Cooking means Creativity

Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world. This quote by Brene Brown pretty much exactly expresses how I feel. My blog is supposed to be like a medium, a way to share my “creations” with the outside world. What I want to say and how I feel, my own personal creativity is what ends up in my photographs, my designs, my illustrations, texts and the creation of new recipes. Creativity has so many layers and it motivates me every single day.

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Carpe Diem with Banana Bread

For men it’s the pub crawl. For women it’s brunch. That’s how it used to be, at least. In German-speaking countries, the ladies don’t brunch but instead hold something called a “Kaffeekränzchen”, which is essentially like brunch, but with coffee and cake. The name, literally meaning “coffee crown”, stems from a crown bequeathed onto the victors of shooting competitions during Lent. The name lost its original meaning over the 16th and 17th centuries and eventually covered get-togethers of varying kinds, but the one remaining original rule was that the participants, by their mere presence, made a commitment to organise the subsequent meeting.

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Cooking with Followers at the Stilarena

It has always been one of my biggest dreams to throw a huge food party with all my readers and blog followers in order to give some of the love back and exchange knowledge and ideas.


Field Kitchen 1552m above Sea Level

The one thing I definitely miss in Vienna? The Dornbirn and Vorarlberg mountains I grew up with. When you’re standing on top of one, it gives you an incredible, almost indescribable feeling of freedom and space. It just opens my heart and it tends to make me whoop loudly into my echo. One of the mountain guides once said to me: “Never forget, breathe through your nose.” He probably wanted me to consciously take in my environment and use all of my senses. Leave the daily grind behind, be in the now – drink in the mountain, the space, the beauty of nature and the spicy mountain air. Sometimes a faint whiff of snow will tickle your nose or the aroma of meadows and fir trees will envelop you if you hold still.

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Eva Fischer (Foodtastic) & Eva Fischer (sound:frame) = Eva Fischer² It’s finally here – the video of our AUGEN.OHREN.SCHMAUS premiere, part of the “Vienna Design Cook” opening event 2016.


Summer Retreat in Salzburgerland

Last weekend in the countryside around Salzburg offered everything you could ever want from a summer holiday: lake swimming, riding in a boat, canyoning, picnics, BBQs, eating, hanging out and relaxing. The idyllic backdrop of Seeham and Seeleiten across the lake gave the participants lots of culinary inspiration. Between Friday and Sunday though, the guests were enjoying the Dolce Vita. Swimming in the Obertrumer lake was a refreshing break from the peaking temperatures and the stunning scenery was duly honoured and toasted to with copious food and drink.

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Be a TESTIMONIAL for my cookbook!

Today is a very special day! I can finally introduce my new cookbook “LIFE CHANGING FOOD” or LFC to you. It is the culmination of a year and a half of brainstorming, intense weeks of cooking, styling and photographing food and creating new recipes. And now I can finally share this most exciting of news. Try it now – apply to be a tester and testimonial for the LCF principle and try my 21-day program before anyone else. The most inspiring statements and posts will be included in my book, which is available to buy from the 5th of September.

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