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Lust, die Nachbarn zu betören? Oder daran gedacht, das Haus oder die Wohnung zu verkaufen? Gar nicht so schwer: Backe einfach ein Blech Müsliriegel. Du denkst dir nun bestimmt, wie das gehen soll bzw. was der Verkauf einer Immobilie mit Müsliriegeln zu tun hat?! OK, so direkt haben diese Dinge nun wirklich nichts miteinander zu tun. Aber indirekt. Neulich habe ich nämlich gelesen, dass Kuchen-Backduft in einer angebotenen Immobilie zu einer schnelleren Kaufentscheidung der Interessenten beiträgt. Backduft soll nämlich an ein sicheres und heimeliges Zuhause erinnern. Einen ausgesprochen verführerischen Duft entwickeln die Müsliriegel beim Backen. Daher wären sie meiner Meinung nach die Verkaufshilfe schlechthin – auch beim nachfolgenden Verkosten! Fotos und Rezept für Sonnentor…

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Gluten-free Apple and Cinnamon Buns

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This old saying is still making the rounds – and rightly so. The 10th of November was National Apple Day. I took this as an opportunity to let this ubiquitous fruit inspire me to create Swedish Kanelbullar with apple juice and a delicious apple centre.


Millet and Turmeric Muffins

Breakfast is my absolute favourite meal of the day. I look forward to it the second I open my eyes and it’s usually something healthy which gives me enough energy to face the challenges of the day. I really lay it on thick on the weekends though – it’s a celebration of the best meal of the day. Sometimes however you don’t really have that much time to eat in the morning. That’s when muffins come into play.

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Happy New Year Snacks

Precious Moments There aren’t many extraordinary moments in our short little lives. The ones we remember for a long time can be counted on one hand: the first day at school, the first kiss, meaningful victories, the first time we had sex, the birth of a child and maybe being able to see one celestial body moving in front of another in a lunar or a solar eclipse. What all these moments have in common is that they are rare and unique, and that is what makes them precious.


Oscar-Worthy Superfood Energy Balls

The best thing about being your own boss? You can watch the Oscars and don’t have to apply for a holiday the next day. How did I manage to get through one of the most exciting nights of the year? With energy balls and gallons of matcha tea. That kept me going until 6 in the morning, when the awards for best actor and actress were given out.

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Buckwheat Crackers

For most people, fasting means sacrifice. Just like banning sugar, fat and processed foods from their diet. To me, it’s a challenge and an incentive to change the way I think, to analyse the food I eat and to become creative in the kitchen. What can I use to substitute sugar in a cake? How do I incorporate more vegetables in my daily meals? The beauty of this is surprising myself, having excellent Eureka moments and enjoying many creative challenges.

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New Year’s Eve Snacks & Rites

I’m going to spend New Year’s Eve completely differently this year: somewhere warm with a turquoise ocean and sandy beach. Yes, I’m flying off at the end of December for a little beach break. The one thing I’ll miss for sure is the customary Austrian midnight waltz. Customs and rites are a big part of Christmas and New Year’s. I got curious and researched traditions from around the globe and also created six New Year’s Eve recipes for the current issue of WOMAN magazine. And you can get them all here!

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Colourful Root Vegetable and Fig Salad

Figs intrigue me. They’re not just delicious, they’re sensuous. Something about them fascinates me, but I can’t really put my finger on what it is.


Energy Brownies with Power Spices

At the moment I’m really into super- and powerfoods. I’m fascinated with food that gives my body energy and strength. Everything we eat influences our health and mood, so the powerfood list includes quite a few special ingredients.

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Power Cookies

I used to have to make a daily trip to the health food store in order to stock up with foods I couldn’t get anywhere else – gluten-free products, more specifically. Now, supermarkets all over the place have started offering gluten-free and health foods (following several gluten- and other allergy hypes), but health food stores are still my very own food shopping paradise. Every time I’m there, I’m fascinated by the progress in the health food and organic sectors and specialty areas like veganism.


Homemade Cereal Bars

Spring has sprung: it’s finally here and humans, animals and plants can feel it. Not long now and everything around us will be green and in bloom! These days, we’re all preferring to spend more time outside to enjoy the sun, warmth and fresh air. My popular cereal bars are a perfect fit for this time of year. This recipe was one of the first ones on my blog and is particularly relevant now: cereal bars are the ideal snack to eat during sport, work, school or kindergarten, and they’re quick and easy to make!

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Aromatic and gluten-free teff flatbread

Wraps are a quick and delicious in-between snack and can be filled with a variety of colourful ingredients. Unfortunately, Vienna hasn’t really caught on to the gluten-free wrap trend yet. Cornmeal wraps would be great as well. Wrapstars had the genius idea of selling wraps filled with the most superior ingredients directly from their very stylish food truck.

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